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Unwind in nature's playground

With a rich history, a mixed culture and a lot of nature, Suriname is the place to go! Enjoy the amazing Peperpot Nature Park, stroll the streets of Paramaribo or relax with a massage.

Hiking tour

Hike through Peperpot Nature Park

Let an experienced and specialized wildlife guide navigate you through the park.

Learn about the nocturnal wildlife of the area! We recommend wearing boots, as the paths will get muddy during rainy season. 

Kayaking Tour

Kayak through Peperpot Nature Park

Kayak through Peperpot Nature park in daylight while the guide will tell you all about the flora and fauna of the area.

As soon as it becomes dark, you will go back the same way. It will look very different in the dark as many animals that you can encounter during the day will slowly disappear and make space for the creatures that come out at night.


Treat yourself to a Relaxing Massage

Either have it in your room or in our hammock camp.

The massage will be around 60 minutes and can be at the location of your choice. Relax and enjoy! Let us know in advance if you would like to book this.


Relax and  Recharge

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